Created in 2008, Jovenes con Talento was born from the shared visions of two art and education enthusiasts: Teacher and caricaturist Martin Bayona and teacher Mariela Pineda.

The adventure begins with the desire to contribute to advancing equity in access to quality educational content for children; to become a bridge between art experts with educational interests, government, the private sector, and the population at large; and to offer activities and workshops financially accesible to everyone

There is a shortage of art education opportunities in people’s early life stages in k-12 schools, so the need to offer an accessible and inclusive structure became evident. Supported by discussions with stakeholders, the organization was born, and now offers over 50 activities and workshops of various lengths, suitable for a diversity of age groups.

Our Educational Leaders

Our workshops are focused on collective artistic creation. We want the experience to be a team enrichment so that we all feel included. We support our leaders in the construction of content adapted to the target population’s needs and specific realities.

Our mission

Jóvenes con Talento Organization is a non-profit created in 2008 to work on projects that contribute to the construction of a better society through art. Our mission is to collaborate in solving the needs of the general population, helping to strengthen and promote art in all its genres. Likewise, we seek to strengthen the ties of solidarity and mutual help of the community in general, based mainly on our own efforts and through the promotion and representation of all kinds of artistic, cultural, educational and recreational activities, especially those that have to do with fine arts, painters, sculptors, recruitment and representation of artists of all kinds.

Fundación Jóvenes con Talento Team